Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Carnival Australia picks Pele for potential stop-over

Through years of experience in cruise operation as well as over 17 years of experience within Vanuatu’s  local tourism locally and international particularly within Inbound tour operations, Evergreen Tours’ Groups & Cruise Manager, Mr. Esly Kalo has  reassured the Chief Executive Officer for Carnival Australia, Ms Anne Sherry that he was capable of the task after he brought into Vanuatu an expedition cruise Clipper Odyssey to Pele island on two calls in year 2004 and 2005. On hearing about this it was hard for Carnival’s boss to miss a visit to a potential stop spot for P & O, so on the afternoon of Sunday 27th May, Ms Sherry and her Vice President of Fleet Operations Mr Peter Little, were chauffeured to the beautiful island on helicopter to scout for opportunities. The delegation were escorted by Adrian Mooney of Adventures in Paradise, P & O Cruise Shore Excursion Agents. As they stepped out onto the beautiful white sandy beach, a conch shell was blown and the island’s chief and warriors welcomed the group with much chanting and dance, then continued to lead them straight into the harmonious serenades of “Vanuatu Smile” welcome song sung by the Vanuatu Natural Arts aggapela singers. The special guests were then taken through the welcome arch for tropical refreshments and afternoon tea where Ms Sherry & Mr Little continued to have business discussions with Mr Kalo. Another reason for the visit was to see at first-hand how the Carnival cruise business was benefiting Pele’s community right down to grass roots level, and to find other ways in how to better people’s livelihoods on the island. After discussing with Mr Kalo, a group photo was taken and the delegation departed for Vila. For more information, email Mr Kalo on or call Evergreen Tours on +678 23050. VTO would like to wish Evergreen Tours and Carnival Australia the best of success in moving forward together on a journey that matters. 

Photos top to bottom: Winning shot of Pele island which caught Carnival’s eye and group photo on the beach before delegation departed.