Monday, May 28, 2012

Port Vila Land Transport Association (PVLTA) meets Cruise Line Representative

The Port Vila Land Transport Association (PVLTA) and the Department of Tourism are working together to address transportation issues to better manage Port Vila as a cruise port of call and a tourist destination. This was an agenda in a meeting facilitated by DOT with PVLTA and Mr. John Nell an expert in the cruise shipping business. Mr. Nell has been was formerly with the Carnival Cruises in the Pacific and is now working alongside with other cruise line companies who have vested an interested in Vanuatu as a cruise destination. Mr. Nell presented views on how to improve guest experience by improving the current transportation system used at the Port Vila call. The meeting discussed way forward that would transport large number of cruise visitors on cruise ship days out of the wharf area into the town and in visiting the range of tours and tourist attractions in Port Vila and greater Efate. Mr. Donald Massing, Chairman of the PVLTA was very supportive in new plans to improve the cruise port area and for assistance to PVLTA to strengthen its role in facilitating and promoting better services to its members. Representatives of other Taxi and Bus Associations in Port Vila exchanged views on how to address the wharf issues and requested if the Government could be proactive to provide additional budget to the Department of Tourism to ensure that a permanent booth is allocated at the wharf to provide information on transfer rates and tourist information. As bigger cruise ships will be berthing into Port Vila it is of priority that all bus and taxi associations be formalized so that they can provide better transport coordination. PVLTA wants to see change in more ni-Vanuatu’s participating in the tourism sector in providing better transfer services and are urging all to stakeholders to work together in promoting Vanuatu as a the happiest place on earth.