Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Roadshow with a twist!

On Tuesday 29th May, the Vanuatu Tourism Office ran a fun, interactive quiz night for travel agents in Sydney. The General Manager of the VTO Mrs Linda Kalpoi remarked, “It was a very pleasing result with the roadshow as a key event to stimulate the interest and awareness with our front line agents to sell Vanuatu.” Over 100 agents attended, as well as 7 wholesalers and 10 hotel representative from Vanuatu. The night kicked off with an introduction from Linda Kalpoi and a destination presentation by Anne Morris, one of VTO’s Australian rep, and this was followed with four fun quiz rounds during which the agents interacted and  learnt about Vanuatu to win prizes. In total the Vanuatu Tourism Office, with the support of our hotel partners gave away 10 accommodation prizes and three flights, thanks to Air Vanuatu. Futuna Fatuana also played throughout the night and they were a highlight! Many of the agents got up and danced and the night ended with a fun dance competition. The Vanuatu roadshow continues was at Melbourne, last night and will continue in Brisbane tonight.
Image: Linda Kalpoi general manager VTO, Thomas Tait Holiday Inn Vanuatu, prize winner Richard Irvine from Trans AM Travel Pty Ltd, Malcolm Pryor Air Vanuatu, Allan Kalfabun, Marketing Manager at VTO.