Monday, May 28, 2012

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines eyes Vanuatu

The Department of Tourism and the Vanuatu Tourism Office are proud to announce that this week the Honourable Acting Prime Minister for Vanuatu and same time Minister responsible for Tourism, Hon. Ham Lini Vanuaroroa met with Mr. John Rae, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line representative and Mr. John Nell a long time cruise ship personnel who was formerly with P & O Carnival Australia.  “RCCL is bringing in bigger ship into the southern hemisphere and we are delighted to have Vanuatu in our itinerary by 2014 says RCCL representative.” There is so much vibrancy, authenticity and cultural experience that Vanuatu can offer to an estimate of 3,600 passengers who will be onboard the ‘Voyager of the Sea’s when it set sail to Port Vila in 2014.  The Acting Prime Minister praised Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for their interest in Vanuatu and acknowledged that the Government of Vanuatu and the tourism industry will invest in new tourism activities, attractions and infrastructure to support this new development. It is an opportunity to engage more ni-vanuatu to participate in small and medium businesses in this market segment of the tourist industry. On these developments the Government will also launch its National Cruise Action Plan this year to confirm its investments and commitments to the cruise ship sector. As the world’s fastest growing tourist activities, Vanuatu is proud to have the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line as part of its cruise fleets.