Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tanna Evergreen Resort speaks at World ICT Day

On Friday 18th May, the organizing committee for World Information Communication Technology, invited owner/manager for Tanna Evergreen Resort Mrs Merian Numake to be a special guest speaker during an event celebrating Information Communication Technology around the world. Ms Numake spoke on seafront stage in Port Vila where speeches took place surrounded by an open exhibition from business houses, government and private sector companies to display their products that promoted the use of ICT. Ms Numake’s speech became a living example of a success story on how ICT turned her four island bungalows into a resort and renamed to Tanna Evergreen Resort and Tours within a decade. The core of her speech was especially encouraging women and girls to embrace ICT for their businesses in tourism to become another success story. In addition, Mrs Numake remarked “A supportive husband is always key to ensure goals are met and you both reach success” which closed her message. On behalf of the industry, VTO would like to congratulate Ms Numake for her participation. Photo of Merian Numake and husband Mr Samuel Numake.