Monday, May 28, 2012

Wala Tourism Board moving on with plans for Wala Cruise Ship Development

The Wala Tourism Board, Malampa Local Government and the Department of Tourism have been working hard in strengthening the management of this community cruise tourism project. The new Wala Tourism board under the chairmanship of Mr. Jean Yve Malere has already developed plans to develop new tours, activities and excursions that will accommodate for the  P & O cruises visiting the Island. Mr. Malere confirms he is supportive of the role the Government is playing through the Department of Tourism by engaging Mrs. Edna Paolo to work alongside with them in improving their tourism product. It has been quite a challenge over the years but with experience tourism in Wala will grow and expand into other areas in Malekula so that the whole island can benefit from cruise ship activities. Trainings will also be underway to train more guides and personnel to assist tours on cruise ship days. The development of good tour itineraries will be developed to promote cultural and eco tourism in Malekula. It is hoped that once this is strengthened the community project will not be seen as a cruise tour product only but also as a day tour tourism product for Wala Island. P & O Carnival has been supportive with the infrastructure developments under the Enterprise Challenge Account through Ausaid by funding a new floatable jetty, visitor information centre and toilets that can be used by visitors visiting the Island.

Above image: Cruise ship at a distance from Wala island, Malekula. Bottom image: Mamas passing time and show passengers their traditional "pleiplei" or game.