Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Great start for the Vanuatu Open Water Swim series 2012

Media release, 09 June 2012: The Vanuatu Open Water Swim series are currently organized for the second time by the professional local group Event Logic, with the full support of the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO). Less than 2 weeks after having organized the first Port-Vila Multiport event, Mr. Troy Spann and his dedicated team successfully ran today the Port-Vila series of the Open Water Swim 2012.  As usual the first race was the Iririki Island Swim (3,2Km) which had over 80 swimmers registered, including more than 30 international visitors. The start was given at 08.30am sharp, and the first swimmer touched the judge’s pontoon only 48’37” later. Ms Bizzy Butterworth took the first place, closely followed by Ms Shiralee Bielenberg (49’04”) and Mr. Larry Brook (49’47”).  The top two on the podium were ladies as well as the oldest participant Ms Lesley Woodland (71yo) and the youngest one Ms Bo Jacobsen (12yo). The only two Ni-Vanuatu participants registered were Mr. Allan Kalfabun (1hr03’46”) and Mr. Patrick Shing (1hr04’33”).
The Port-Vila Harbour Swim (1,5Km) was the second race, and had over 20 competitors. The first swimmer to get back on shore was Mr. Larry Brook (25’37”); he was followed by Ms Shiralee Bielenberg (25’54”) and Mr. Tony Midolo (26’23”). An exciting new sport activity was added: the ANZ Kayaks Race! 7 teams, including 2 female teams, lined up their inflatable kayaks at Port-Vila sea front and contest an exhilarating 1,5Km race. Moorings Hotel team (Justin & Kerry) get onto the top of the podium with a time of 16’42”. Tanna Teouma (Kalu & Maron) got the second place with 17’09”. Thanks to ANZ Bank nice cash prizes were given to the first 2 teams.

The next Open Water Swim series, Aore Island Swim, will take place in Espiritu Santo island on Tuesday 12th June, 2012. All the foreign competitors will take part in it.
VTO Events/ Trade & Market Research Manager, Mr. Sebastien Bador, interviewed by Mr. Paul Phelan for Paradise FM, said “It is always a pleasure for the Vanuatu Tourism Office to witness and take part in this kind of international event. The VTO does strongly believe events and festivals are major attractive drawers of overseas tourists. The VTO has been very happy to sponsor the Open Water Swim 2012 trophies and local organizers domestic tickets to Espiritu Santo island. The VTO also encourages Ni-Vanuatu people to take part in these activities as it is a way to socialize with our foreign visitors.”

The VTO would like to warmly thank the organizers, Event Logic, and the other sponsors for supporting the Vanuatu Open Water Swim series: Air Vanuatu, Espiritu Santo Tourism Association, Moorings Hotel, and Tusker.  

For more information on Vanuatu Open Water Swim series go to: www.vanuatuswim.com