Thursday, June 14, 2012

All new and exciting for Vanuatu and New Caledonia

Martine Robin (left) and Jackie Kalo (right) of VTO
To maintain the ongoing relationship in tourism between Vanuatu and New Caledonia, VTO's New Caledonian rep Ms Martine Robin continues to be busy in growing her current market as well as discovering & enticing new and potential markets. Ms Robin's latest discovery is the Goro Nickel miners and workers whom have shown great interest in putting Vanuatu as their next holiday escape. This discovery happened when Martine decided to organize a Vanuatu Night 2 weeks ago with the help of the Goro Nikel Mines onsite Communication office. There's over 4,000 expatriates working on the mine sites on a two-year contract, including other nationalities such as the Filipinos, Canadians, Americans and European who came and showed great interest of definitely penning down Vanuatu for their next holidays. The workers were pleasantly surprised to know how very close Vanuatu was to New Caledonia and many were enquiring about a 4 to 5 days holidays in Vanuatu. The activities and presentation on Vanuatu that evening included a video footage on Vanuatu, a taste of the islands from a well decorated room that had all its posts and walls covered with woven coconut leaves, plants, Vanuatu flags, a curry night with a Vanuatu specialty after dinner, string bands, cultural performances, and a large information booth set up with brochures, maps and holiday packages including airfare transfers and accommodation by Eden tours, Unitours and Axxess travel. Ms Martine Robin was assisted by Mrs Jacquie Kalo, VTO's Administration Officer.
Future plans: Because of this success, a similar event will be organized at the North Nickel mine site later in the year. Vanuatu currently has a promotion running from end of April right up to end of June at the Goro Mine site. Later this month, there will be an agent's famil to Vanuatu for AXXESS Travel, and on 10th to 12th August, VTO will be busy at the Bourail Trade Fair which receives a total of 25,000 visitors in 3 days. Vanuatu Tourism will be the Guest of Honor, and will have a large booth that will display special holiday packages to Vanuatu. The office will organize cultural performances, string bands, and it's going to be VTO's first time to be reaching the northern province of New Caledonia. Vanuatu Tourism will then be attending the International trade fair in Nouméa from the 4 to the 7th October just before Week Blong Vanuatu in mid November.