Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pentecost Musicians come together to launch new cd and the opening of their recording studio at Tegabe

By Jenny Cowles: Bulsalvai Productions, a new company formed by a group of inspiring musicians  to create a secure future for the music industry in Vanuatu came together recently to work on a project to open a studio that had sat dormant for more than a decade.  Back in 1999, a young group of Pentecost boys had a vision to create a studio where they could all happily work from in the coming years.  They formed the band of Huarere who were hugely successful in the 90’s and early 2000 but faded away in time, as other life commitments took over. 

At their peak, they bought the grounds and built the studio, however due to lack of funds and equipment, it never quite got off the ground. Ben Siro, (now CEO of Bulsavai Productions),  local musician, singer and songwriter, who lives in the studio grounds, watched sadly as his dream seemed never to be realised.  In June last year, he decided that it was time to get this project back off the ground, so bought a computer and started to teach himself how to record and mix music. Once confident that he could do this, and with help from a few friends, he brought together a few of his island brothers, and they decided to form a company and commence a project to inject funds back into the studio. The project was to record a music cd compilation with eight of Pentecosts best musicians, each singing their own style of song. The name of this CD is Conspirators of Delight and the flavour of music is modern, contemporary, reggae and island, so a variety for all discerning ears.

All funds from the CD sales will go directly to growing the studio and providing an education centre for up and coming musicians as well as an affordable studio where anyone can come to record and develop their craft. 

They launched the CD on 8th June and had an immensely successful day, ending the celebration with the opening of the studio that evening. It is a very proud moment in this country to see our local people coming together to create a future for themselves in what can be quite a tough world.   We wish them the very best of success in the future and look forward to their many up and coming projects.  

CD’S are available at selected outlets in Port Vila or from Huarere  Studio.