Sunday, June 24, 2012

Port Sandwich Art & Culture Festival: promoting Cultural Heritage and Environmental Sustainability in South Malekula

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In July 1774 Captain Cook landed in Port Sandwich to a friendly indigenous welcome. 238 years later, the Community of Lamap invites you to commemorate this moment in a 2 day celebration of Culture, History and Art of South Malekula. The third annual Port Sandwich Art & Cultural Festival will be held from 10-11 of August this year in the new location of Dravail Village Showground. The communities of Port Sandwich, Lamap and Dravail invite you to join them for two days of celebration, learning, cultural exchange and fun. This year the festival includes traditional dance displays from men and women’s groups, a pig-exchange ceremony, sand drawing, dramatic re-enactments of kastom stories, string bands, local skills displays, delicious organic local foods and a Kava masterclass. While the festival was originally developed in 2010 with the Yachting Community in mind it is open to all travellers interested in learning about another culture and experiencing a way of life different to their own. This year there is optional village-stay accommodation available to those guests who wish to spend the evening of the 10th with a host family and further their understanding of life in a contemporary village. The festival is once again organised by the Lamap Eco-Tourism Committee in conjunction with the local community. This proud society recognises the importance of promoting their cultural heritage and spreading awareness of environmental sustainability within the younger generation. They see eco-tourism and events such as this festival as an important part of the education process.  Adventurous, open-minded travellers looking for a truly unforgettable experience will thoroughly enjoy this two-day event. Come encounter aspects of both traditional and contemporary island life while contributing to the sustainable revitalisation of cultural and environmental heritage in Port Sandwich.

Access fess is 4000 vt per person which includes transport, two days of activities and food. The village-stay option for the night of the 10th is an additional 1000 vt per person. For more information please contact Tito (Tito (Francophone) 5436814 or Lucy (Anglophone) 5977816 or visit the Vanuau Tourism Website.