Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tanna Lepilmai waterfall launches

Tafea Tourism Council: Tafea Tourism council has achieved another milestone achievement on the 7th of June 2012. Iepilmai water fall has been a great Tourist attraction in the late 90’s. Today the Ipeilmai communities have encountered a big achievement when the initiative was being implemented by the young men in the Village to take up the lead in reestablishing a major attraction in the late 90’s of Tanna Island.
The Ceremony was attended by the Secretary of Tafea Province Ms. Ketty  Napwatt, Chair lady of Tafea Tourism Council Ms. Merian Numake, Mr. Rodney David Department of Cooperative, Mr. Joseph Wambugu Project Facilitator and Tafea Tourism Council members.
Ms. Ketty Napwatt Secretary General of Tafea Province mention during her speech that communities members should not depend on the national government to provide for their needs. That is the best thing you managed to encounter to take the lead in developing your areas or any communities needs, the National government or Provincial Government can only assists or give them assistance in what has already been done by the communities.
After that ceremony Iepilmai Waterfall is now open to any Tourist who wishes to visit Tanna and it natural attraction.