Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tourism, Cultural Landscapes & Livelihoods in the South Pacific Symposium

Press release, June 28 – 29, 2012 @ Coconut Palms, Port Vila Vanuatu: The Australia & International Tourism Research Unit (AITRU) at Monash University in conjunction with the Vanuatu Department of Tourism, University of the South Pacific, Massey University and tourism industry partners is pleased to present the inaugural Symposium on Tourism, Cultural Landscapes & Livelihoods in the South Pacific June beginning today on 28 & 29, 2012.  The aim of this ‘invitation only’ Symposium is to assemble practitioners, researchers, policy makers, donors and tourism industry stakeholders to analyse the extent to which positive net benefits are accruing to islanders. The convergence of tourism, cultural landscapes and livelihoods is the key concern of this symposium.  “Unless future tourism development is driven by informed policy, based on sound longitudinal research it is difficult to know whether tourism is indeed of net-benefit to Pacific islanders.” “Day 1 will be opened by Australian High Commission to Vanuatu Charge D’Affaires Ms Charlene Watego. Day 2 will be opened by New Zealand’s High Commissioner to Vanuatu, H.E William Dobbie. “ This Symposium seeks to harmonise and strengthen linkages between research, policy and practice in the interest of establishing research partnerships and a long-term framework to track and substantiate tourism’s impacts and inform tourism policy accordingly. 

Some of the key questions this symposium will aim to address include:
•    To what extent have islander livelihoods benefited from the growth of tourism?
•    To what extent can cruise tourism serve as a model for livelihoods enhancement in the region?
•    How best to reconcile the traditional or kastom economy with tourism, especially the deployment of traditional land for tourism?
•    To what extent is tourism contributing to broad poverty alleviation efforts in the region?
•    Is there a case for increased donor intervention in tourism development in the region?
•    What are the most effective models for microenterprise development in tourism in the region?
•    What are the most effective models for expatriate led tourism development?
•    Is the exploitation of cultural landscapes in tourism development sustainable?
•    Are the frameworks for tourism policy in the region cognizant of sustainable livelihoods?
•    What should the revised approach to tourism development in the region be over the forthcoming decades?
•    What is the state of human resources development for tourism in the region?

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For more information, please contact Joseph Cheer or +613 99034097.