Thursday, June 14, 2012

Unelco extension launch at White Grass Tanna Airport

By Tafea Tourism Council: The 29th of June 2012 will be remembered by the people of Tanna and Tafea province as a whole when the Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu, Hon. Sato Kilman, and his delegation official launched the second phase of the Unelco Project, starting from Lowanatom catholic Mission to White Grass Airport.  It has been a great achievement for the people of Tanna and Tafea province  to officially witness for the first time, lights being switched on at White grass airport.  Tourism as a major contributor to the revenue of this country, has also achieved another dream come true, when the PM turned on the lights at White grass airport, to indicate that surely after this milestone journey, Tafea will be receiving international flights via Tanna White grass airport from neighboring countries such as New Caledonia and elsewhere, not only that but also domestic flights can now happen in the evenings. The people of Tafea would like to acknowledge Unelco Company Ltd and the Ministry of Infrastructure under the lead of Hon. Prime Minister Kilman for  making it possible for Tanna Whitegrass airport to be completed with lights in order to further the opportunities of having international Flights into and out of Tanna. Photo of Government official arriving on Tanna led by the Honorable Prime Minister seen here shaking hands with stakeholders.