Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Tourism Products in Asanvari, South Maewo.

Department of Tourism news update: Asanvari Bay in South Maewo hosts an incredible bay for yachts to visit in the months of May to November of each year. A visit currently undertaken by Mrs. Adela Aru and Mr. Lesly Mera tourism product development officers for the Department of Tourism (DOT) confirmed that this area boasts four (4) new tourism products. Mule Ocean View Bungalows, Rourugurugu Creative Arts, Tamata Cultural Tours, Bongoi Snorkeling Cove & Lavoa Cascades & Sparkling Waters Bar & Restaurant are an awesome combination of tours and accommodation to visit and experience whilst on holiday in the Asanvari Bay.
Yachties are encouraged to support this community and family owned tourism businesses by experiencing the cultural way of living, listening to the tales of long ago, tasting local food and dance to the beats of the custom dances. A great variety of arts & craft are also on sale at the end of the tours but the villagers are so friendly they will give you a free token of gift as part of the tours. Smiling children and mothers greet you on your arrival and the guides are very friendly too. A visit to the Lavoa Cascades & Sparkling Waters Bar & Restaurant will spoil your appetite as you lunch and dine in the evening on seafood and watch the sunsets overlooking Ambae Island. Refresh at the Lavoa Cascades at daytime as it cools you off after a day of tours. Complimentary Snorkel is provided at the Bongoi Snorkeling Cove. This is a great snorkeling spot for everyone to see an abundance of sea life. Reside at the Mule Ocean View Bungalows where continental breakfast is served. Relax with the fresh ocean breeze just outside the door of your bungalow. With a total of 6 beds available in this whole area, it is definitely a getaway from the busy hustle and bustle of Port Vila.
The creativity and innovativeness of these locals put into creating these tours and accommodation shows the commitment and readiness they have for the tourism industry.
A travel package is underway to encourage visitors to visit the Asanvari bay via Sara airport in North Pentecost. A 45 minutes boat ride from Laone beach to the Asanvari bay is a thrilling water adventure as part of this tour. This 4 days 3 nights package will provide visitors an opportunity to stay 2 nights in the Asanvari Bay, experience the tours and reside at the Mule Ocean View Bungalows. The last night will be spent at the Walarua Guest House in the North Pentecost area where dinner and breakfast will be served. A last tour to experience the tour to the Lini Memorial Stone in the morning of the 04th day of the travel package will complete this exciting adventure tour as your transfer picks you up for check in at the Sara airport for take- off back to Port Vila or Santo. These new tourism products confirm that there are great attractions available in the South of Maewo and the North Pentecost to visit whilst on holiday in Vanuatu.