Monday, July 2, 2012

Team Vanuatu networks with Lithuania

L-R: Mrs Yamada, Sebastien Bador and Julia King.

Hikers pose for a group photo.
Media release 29 June 2012: The current Vanuatu tourism booth minders at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea are taking any opportunities provided to promote Vanuatu islands. Not only during their shifts within the Vanuatu booth in the Pacific Joint Pavilion, nicely named the Paradise Pavilion, but also after working hours. VTO Events/ Trade & Market Research Manager, Mr. Sebastien Bador, said “Julia and I are fully aware we’re in Yeosu, South Korea, for a short period of time. Hence we’re attending all invitations that are addressed to the Vanuatu team, and we’re committed to make people think about Vanuatu as a holiday destination after meeting with us.” The Republic of Lithuania held its Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea National Day on the 24th of June and cordially invited Vanuatu representatives to its morning ceremony and its evening cocktail. Mrs. King and Mr. Bador met with Mr. Romas Jankauskas, Commissioner General of the Lithuanian Pavilion; toasted with Mr. Arūnas Gelūnas, Lithuania Minister of Culture; and introduced Vanuatu islands to Mrs. Ina Marčiulionytė, from the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Director of the Pacific Department. Ms. Marčiulionytė also serves as Vice-President of the UNESCO Executive Board. Mr. Bador declared “It was such unexpected to meet someone like Ms. Marčiulionytė, and we warmly invited her to discover our country since she is in charge of the Pacific islands relations with the Lithuanian government. She appreciated and cheerfully replied she will do her best during one of her Pacific tours.” Vanuatu representatives also had the opportunity to exchange with the expoholic Japanese granny, Mrs. Tomiyo Yamada. Mrs. Yamada is famous amongst World Expo organizers as she visits World Expo sites during the whole duration of these events. On Tuesday 26th of June, Mrs. King and Mr. Bador took part to an early morning mountain hike dedicated to international delegates. Another opportunity to fly high Vanuatu colors in South Korea Black Pines forests. The Tunisian National Day at Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea took place on the 27th of June. The morning ceremony and the evening function at The MVL Hotel were attended by Mrs. King and Mr. Bador. During that dinner they had the opportunity to brief Al Wataniya 1, Tunisia TV channel 1, special reporter Mrs. Leila Debbichi and her cameraman about our tropical archipelago, as well as Mr. Rafik Tlatli, Tunisia best chef cook.