Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure Project (VTIP)

The Government of Vanuatu through the Department of Tourism (DOT), Department of Local Authorities (DLA) and the Port Vila Municipal Council (PVMC) are seeking options for the rehabilitation and development of public areas at Port Vila’s Portside Precinct alongside the cruise ship wharf and the Seafront Precinct. Funding and support is being provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) through New Zealand Aid Programme . MFAT has commissioned BECA, a NZ-based Engineering firm to assist DOT, DLA and PVMC with the development of these two areas to enhance visitor’s experiences. Tourism activities in Vanuatu equate to approximately 40% of GDP and it has been estimated that arrivals from cruise ships accounts for almost half of this. Significant growth in the cruise ship industry is occurring and it is apparent that existing infrastructure and services will struggle to cope with future demand. Improvements to enhance visitor’ experiences are required to secure revenue for the Government and the tourism sector. The project goal is “to encourage tourists and local people to use and enjoy the Port Vila Portside and Seafront Precincts”.
The outcome of this project aims to achieve two outcomes: -1. Tourists who leave the cruise ships for shore-based activities report a quality experience at the Port Vila Portside and Seafront Precincts. 2. Functional, safe, and attractive (cruise ship) Portside and Seafront Precincts in Port Vila. BECA will be providing 3 options for each site including the site plan, cross section and one perspective view. The Project Management Committee (PMC) for the project organized a stakeholder and public consultations on Friday 06th July 2012 last week, at the Seafront Stage in Port Vila, and a public exhibition display on the concept designs for the Portside and Seafront Precinct is currently displayed at the Exhibition Centre for the French Embassy this week until Friday 13th July, 2012. Feel free to pop into the centre to see concept designs.