Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vanue Cultural Sites & Village Tour launches in East Ambae

Department of Tourism news updates: “Vanue Cultural Sites & Village Tour” a new tour product in East Ambae, Penama Province.
The East area for Ambae Island boasts a new tour product called the ‘Vanue Cultural Sites & Village Tour’. This tour is a combination of historical, cultural & natural sites for this eastern part of the Island linking the old tales of Tumsisiro and Tumtitiro. A walk through the local gardens which forms part of the economical sustaining of this Community will take you to see one of the oldest grave stones of Chief tales of long ago and its relation to the way of living of this people of the land. Entertainment provided by the local string band of the village throws your feet to dance to great tunes while munching on some fresh grapefruit, pawpaw, coconuts and nothing like fresh coconut juice. Pasisi kava is also served for the visitors to welcome them to the tour and to the land. A walk through the village features stories and displays of mats and pig tusks used during traditional wedding ceremonies in the island of Ambae. A visit to the cocoa patch and pig’s fence ends off with some local food tasting inside the nakamal. A variety of baked kumala, taro and cabbage is served with local chicken to feed the hungry stomach. This tour can accommodate a minimum of 2 persons and can be booked via the Tourism Office located in the Saratamata area, East Ambae on 5526026 or lmeraambae@gmail.com.

If you are visiting the East Ambae area, stop and experience this tour as it unfolds stories of long ago.