Tuesday, July 10, 2012

VIBTA President visits tourism operators Maewo and Pentecost

VIBTA executives pose with tourism operators
Department of Tourism News update: Vanuatu Island Bungalow & Tourism Association (VIBTA) President visits tourism operators in South Maewo and North Pentecost.
President for the Vanuatu Island Bungalow & Tourism Association (VIBTA) Mr. David Dick was warmly welcomed on his arrival in Asanvari, South Maewo when he met up with the South Maewo Tourism Association President, Mr. Barnabas Tugu.
A meeting was held with the local tourism operators in the Asanvari bay where a lot of yachts visit during the months of May to November of each year. Mr. Tugu stated the need for more business and tourism trainings to be provided to his members and the link for more tour operators to package their products so that they can have visitors visiting them.
In visiting the north Pentecost area, Mr. Dick was also welcomed to the North Pentecost Tourism Association by its President, Mr. Martin Ligo. Mr. Dick was provided with the challenges of road conditions in this area. The visiting delegation comprising of Mr. David Dick, Mr. Lesly Mera and Mrs. Adela Aru were fortunate to also identify several events that could become potential tourism tour products for promoting and attracting visitors to visit the north Pentecost area. A meeting was held with several tourism operators in the north Pentecost whereby they enquired how they could increase visitors getting into their area. An update on what the association was doing was also presented to the VIBTA President by Mr. Martin Ligo. VIBTA President thanked both Presidents for the South Maewo and North Pentecost Tourism Associations for their commitment and involvement in the tourism industry and encouraged them to continue with the work they are currently undertaking with all tourism members.

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