Wednesday, July 11, 2012

VTO GM Kalpoi attends Santa Fe expo, New Mexico

The General Manager of VTO has departed Port Vila this week for the US, Santa Fe in New Mexico. Mrs Kalpoi is attending the USA Sante Fe International Folk Art Market with Vanuatu artist Zilo Bong from Ambrym with the aim of show casing Vanuatu as a holiday destination and at the same time promoting Vanuatu’s unique cultures and artifacts which Zilo will be the key artist.  Sue Herrick, VTO rep in USA together with well-known journalist and photographer Judie and Paul who have been to Vanuatu and fallen in love with the country, have organized a special promotion for Vanuatu to coincide with this international for Vanuatu to get a lot of exposure and lure visitors to these beautiful shores, including great media exposure.