Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tok Tok Vanuatu in good shape

ANZ Bank Management hands over 1million vatu to Tok Tok Committee Chairperson and members Thomas Tait, Linda Kalpoi and Allan Kalfabun.
The days are counting down before Vanuatu enters another exciting Tok Tok which will commence on 28th August and end on 31st. This week, the event’s major sponsor, ANZ Bank, handed over its sponsorship of 1 million vatu to the Tok Tok Committee pledging its continuous support and loyalty towards the development of the tourism industry in Vanuatu. The handing over ceremony took place on Wednesday 8th August and was witnessed by members of the  Tok Tok committee, ANZ management and media reps. President of the committee, Mr Thomas Tait of Holiday Inn Resort, acknowledged ANZ for their ongoing support towards Tok Tok which is the 11th event since its establishment in 2001.  Confirmed for this year's event are 88 buyers from over 50 international companies from Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Europe, and the USA, 105 sellers from 68 local tourism companies, and 9 overseas media reps from Australia, New Caledonia and New Zealand. This year’s Tok Tok has been twisted into a Mega Famil and the industry are thrilled over the new concept which extends to 4 days allowing buyers to travel to Tanna and Espiritu Santo to visit the accommodations as well as experiencing tours, with an option of Malekula as pre and post on the itinerary. The VTO is working closely with the Tafea Tourism Council, Espiritu Santo Tourism Association, and Malampa Travel Centre in finalizing the outer islands itineraries. The Marketing Manager remarks, “The industry has responded well with the new concept with the core focus of having the buyers experience our products to add to their confidence in selling Vanuatu as a preferred destination choice. And to touch base with our branding exercise which is to 'discover what matters', we want to allow our buyers experience in order to discover our fantastic range of products”. For more information on Tok Tok, contact Allan Kalfabun on