Thursday, August 16, 2012

Unity Airlines introduces new Trislander

Unity Airlines is introducing its new air craft "The Spirit of Berther Bobbins" a Trislander  with plenty of leg room (more than  373 business class) and space for bags and freight. Every Friday, Trislander will be freighting goods such as fresh garden produce from Tanna to be sold at the  Vila markets. The Air craft have just recently had a full re-fit  with new engines and props. Its 3 engine design makes it one of the safest  air craft to fly in and can carry twice the load of its twin engine little brother, see left image. All flights are in multi-engine air craft  for added safety over the  open ocean sections.

Day trips price is 36,900Vt.  Overnight rates are as follows:  Lenakel Cove Bungalows at 42,900Vt per person: Breakfast & Dinner included. Tanna Evergreen accommodation 46,900Vt per person: Breakfast & Dinner included and White grass Ocean Resort at 55,900Vt: Dinner not included.
The Prices includes hotel pick up and returns in Vila, Flights to Tanna, Volcano entrance and the 4x4 Safari and breakfast on Tanna.  Flights usually depart at 13:00 and retune at 10:00 the next day but we can be flexible.  Email for more information.