Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vanuatu Tourism - So Much Potential

By Dany Girgis, Vanuatu Specialist & Enthusiast - Sure Thing Vanuatu Travel: Having specialised in Vanuatu tourism for a number of years, I have seen some huge steps forward when it comes to promoting Vanuatu as a holiday destination. However, this increase in popularity and interest is just the beginning.

Why do people travel to Vanuatu?For rest & relaxation, for adventure, for the convenience of being a clean safe destination - all held together by the mesh of the friendly local culture amongst the people of Vanuatu.
Interestingly, sales have risen despite the reported Global Financial Crisis... But How?
The answer is that people are prepared to travel from both near and far for a UNIQUE experience.

The travel industry has evolved (with the increase in accessibility and weighting of customer reviews and shared experience) a new force has emerged - This has provided the platform for Vanuatu to unveil its unique outer islands.
It's the unique element of Vanuatu which has been bringing people from all parts of the world.
Credit must go to Simon Humphries from Vanuatu Custom Travel who has worked with outer island communities to contribute to this team success, as well as to Air Vanuatu for continuing to support outer island ventures.
Promoting the outer islands has brought a larger market to Vanuatu's main tourism areas in Efate and Santo as they are common stopovers, even for those who have come to our shores with for the purpose of visiting the outer islands.
In adopting the cutting edge approach in the wholesale market, Sure Thing Vanuatu Travel has seen a powerful increase bookings and has found over the years things have become more transparent - It's now those hotels/tours/restaurants/events that are able to provide the most satisfying experiences for customers that are having the most success.
This is because customers now do their research differently, and reputation is key. For this reason it's essential that we all work as a team as when it comes to improving our guest's experience.
Vanuatu is a beautiful nation and has so much to offer - We have been working hard to bring new markets to Vanuatu as well as creating new events targeted at high revenue demographics - Although the set up work is time-consuming, our database of Vanuatu guests and travel agencies have been highly responsive to recommendations for Vanuatu Travel.
Let’s keep giving guests the great experience they deserve - Vanuatu Tourism is now ready to deservedly reap the rewards. Visit