Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Aniwa Ocean View Bungalows

Aniwa Ocean View Bungalow is approximately five minutes walk down to the beautiful Naporo white sunday beach with scenic view of the southern ocean and glow sky by natural fire works of the Yasur volcano. Aniwa Ocean View Bungalows has three bungalows ranging from one single room for 2500vt/night including breakfast, one room for couples at 4000vt/night including breakfast and one room for family. Family room includes over 12 years for 2500vt/night including breakfast and under 12 years for 1000vt per night including breakfast. Meals blended with seafoods include regular lunch and dinner for 750vt/plate while meal with lobster for 1,500vt/plate for lunch and dinner. 

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