Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mika and Waiwo experience Esum Cultural Village

On 20th September, VTO’s newly employed Information Officer Michaela Rory and student trainee Waiwo Pulpe joined a famil tour to Esum Cultural Village. In the village, there were ten stop stations that demonstrated unique traditions and ancient day to day living & methods throughout the islands of Vanuatu from fish traps making to, spears, herbal medicines, traditional ways of preserving food, chicken traps, local bush cutleries, burial methods, and more. During the famil, guests were told a custom story about the birth and existence of Yasur volcano which derived from 2 widows and a husband. Several custom dances were performed accompanied by tropical refreshments & stringband entertainment to nicely end the tour. The Vanuatu Tourism Offices thanks the Management of Esum Cultural Village for hosting Michaela and Jack on a tour that will be remembered.