Monday, September 10, 2012

Pacific Island Living magazine is here

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A Vanuatu based public relations and publishing business, Photogenic, is set to launch a new international magazine next month. Tiffany Carroll says the new mag, Pacific Island Living will be the region’s first lifestyle magazine. “We have secured a contract with Pasing IMM, the international media distribution company who will sell the magazine throughout the Pacific. It’s really exciting for Vanuatu,” Ms. Carroll said. Pacific Island Living features articles of interest for those that live in the Pacific, or only dream of it. “We know how lucky we are to live in the Pacific, especially in Vanuatu, however some things can be a little hard to get hold of. Every product featured in Pacific Island Living, from the latest fashion to beauty products, books and homeware is either available here, or available online,” Ms. Carroll said. The new magazine is the brainchild of Ms. Carroll and Sydney power journalists Pat Ingram and Craig Osment. Pat was at the helm of Australian Consolidated Press for 20 years, as the publishing director of The Australian Woman’s Weekly, Harpers Bazaar, Cleo, Cosmopolitan, New Woman and Woman’s Day. Mr. Osment owns Australia’s biggest independent publishing company, Media21 in Sydney. “It is fabulous to have the direction and guidance of Pat and Craig, not to mention our fabulous team of features writers and section editors,” Ms. Carroll said. The magazine will be sold throughout the Pacific, and available free in Vanuatu. “We’re also going to be on board every Our Airline (the airline of the Central Pacific) flight, which means our reach will be enormous,” she said. Ms. Carroll and Mr. Ingram are no strangers to Vanuatu publishing, having published The Essential Vanuatu book in December last year as well as being the publishers of Air Vanuatu’s inflight magazine, Island Spirit. “Our new magazine will complement Island Spirit nicely, being not only targeted to visitors to Vanuatu, but to those considering holidaying, buying or investing here. Its distribution will really help put Vanuatu on the map.”