Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vanuatu launches first steps into Korean Market

DTG Korea (Dynamic Tourism Group), marketing representative for Vanuatu Tourism Office pose with VTO General Manager, Linda Kalpoi.
Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) launches first step to Korea. Vanuatu, one of the most beautiful insular countries located in the South Pacific, was introduced by the Law of the Jungle (SBS Program) in Korea. Vanuatu has been a popular tourist destination for Australians and New Zealanders for decades.

Linda Kalpoi, Commissioner of VTO, who visited Korea for the Yeosu World Expo stated, "Tourists can enjoy the best preserved nature even in close proximity to the metropolitan areas. We will be promoting actively to Koreans who are looking for a unique journey." Tourism is the dominant industry in Vanuatu with 60% of tourists from Australia and 20% from New Zealand. VTO has already implemented marketing activities in Japan and China and plans to extend the efforts across all of Asia. VTO has determined that it is the appropriate time to support travel agencies in Korea with the development and marketing of Vanuatu travel packages in synch with the sudden explosion of Vanuatu exposure through Korean media.

SSK/Hihoju will be launching new travel packages connecting Australia and Vanuatu and will start introducing them to the major wholesalers in Korea. Mr. Kim Hyo Chul, president of SSK/Hihoju, said that these new products will focus on the family and honeymoon markets. They are currently in discussion with Air Vanuatu and ground operators to finalize their itineraries and costings. DTG Korea will be marketing Vanuatu as the representative of VTO using various strategies including SNS. 070-7430-5890 / 070-7430-5890. Email Bora Yang