Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure Project to commence in 2013

Aerial shot of Port Vila. ©
Department of Tourism News Update: As of February this year the Government of Vanuatu through the Ministry of Internal Affairs signed a bilateral agreement with the New Zealand High Commission for a feasibility study on rehabilitation for the portside and seafront area. This project was developed by the Department of Tourism as part of its role in managing the destination as a holiday destination to improve the image of Port Vila. The key focus for the project was for improving the environment at the Port Vila main wharf on cruise ship days. This project is called the Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure Project. The Department of Tourism have gone through desktop reviews, private and public sector consultations on the concept designs for the project. One key output of the seafront precinct of the project is as follows:- 
1. Develop a beautification program for the seafront park area. 
2. Improve walkway from the Grand Hotel right through to the Fatumaru Park (Chantilly’s area) 
3. Improve the children play ground area. 
4. Re-designing of the market vendors building where nambawan cafe is situated so that it provides better visibility and accessibility for visitors into the area. 
5. Develop and promote local quality arts & crafts program.  This program will train craftsmen and women, including artists, on how to produce high value products, including packaging and branding to coincide with and promote the destination brand. 
6. Improve the Fatumaru Park to have proper infrastructure and walkways for locals to use. 
The project is at its final design stage and commence implementation by 2013.