Monday, September 10, 2012

Vanuatu Tourism Office calls for Clean-Up the World 2012 volunteers

Official handover of the VTO sponsored reusable bags by Sebastien Bador, Trade/ Events Manager, to Casey Beath, Third Secretary, for Clean-Up the World 2012 volunteers.
Port-Vila, 10 September 2012: The Vanuatu Tourism Office is proud to be associated with Alliance Fran├žaise, the Australian High-Commission, Live & Learn, Port-Vila Municipality, Wan Smolbag Theatre and Westpac Vanuatu in the upcoming international Clean-Up the World campaign. Clean-Up Port-Vila 2012 highlight will be Saturday 15th of September, when five hundreds expected volunteers will join their force to collect litters in and around Port-Vila. Everyone is invited to gather from 08.00am at the seafront, pick-up waste bags before being transported to different areas for rubbish picking. At 11.00am volunteers will be returned to the seafront for the official speeches, before the bikes raffle. Great and educational entertainment will be provided from 11.30am to 04.00pm by Alliance Fran├žaise and Wan Smolbag Theatre.

“We are pleased to take part to that event” Sebastien Bador stated “Port-Vila is one of the most beautiful port in the South Pacific, and one of the most uncontaminated capital city in the World. In which other port and capital city can you organize international Open Water Swims competition, spot marine wildlife such as dugongs and whales, see laughing kids jumping from the seafront in the crystal clear waters?”
Vanuatu Tourism Office Trade & Events Manager declared “In other to preserve our unspoiled environment we all have to take actions and make all we can to be eco-friendly. Education plays the biggest role, but we all can contribute with little simple gesture like reduce, reuse, and recycle household hazardous waste and industrial materials. 
The Vanuatu Tourism Office is honored to demonstrate its involvement within Clean-Up Port-Vila 2012 event as Port-Vila beautification is one of our matter. Our city hosts almost 80% of our international new visitors, and for many of them represents the whole country. 
We particularly appeal to our motorized drivers and passengers who keep dropping their litters through their vehicle windows, your uncivil behavior impact on our nation image. Tourists are shocked to see plastic debris alongside our scenic routes, appalled to witness aluminum cans being thrown by car windows, revolted to find out on our magnificent beaches trash washed ashore by the sea. For these reasons they may choose to go somewhere else for their next vacations; they may also mentioned it to their friends who may not select Vanuatu as a holiday destination.
Clean-Up Port-Vila 2012 might be considered as a drop in the ocean and we all have a choice to help, but if each one of us makes a little effort Port-Vila will continue to be a gorgeous place to live and/ or visit. Come in, invite your relatives and join us in that collective action as together we can move mountains!”

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