Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vanuatu’s strong presence in JATA, Japan

Team Vanuatu seen with Mr Hiro Osuka, The Melanesian GM.

With ongoing support from The Melanesian and South Pacific Tours, Vanuatu was able to once again create a strong presence at the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) Travel Mart, which took place from 21st to 23rd September, this month in Tokyo, Japan. JATA received a total of 125,989 agents in travel and trade, which scored an increase of 7% from last year’s statistics. Vanuatu’s booth minders proudly wore their aelan dreses whilst on duty. Key questions asked were: How to get to Vanuatu and what are the connecting flights? Are there any beaches and diving spots? How accessible are our volcanoes and if Vanuatu has volcano tours? Out of the three questions, the most popular frequently asked was how to get to Vanuatu. Mr Doyama from The Melanesian presented on Vanuatu which was attended by well over 40 agents. A movie has been made by the team to show the destination to the Japanese market viewed here. The Vanuatu Tourism Office would like to acknowledge both Mr Doyama, Hiro Osuka, and their team for the continuous support in promoting Vanuatu in JATA and Japan overall.