Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Air Vanuatu leases replacement ATR

15 October 2012: Don’t be surprised when you see an Air Tahiti ATR flying around Vanuatu next month – it will be here on loan to Air Vanuatu. Air Vanuatu’s ATR72-500 is due for it’s major service this year and will be out of action throughout the month of November.

“We’ve had a very busy year at Air Vanuatu, with increased passenger loads – particularly in our low seasons,” Chief Executive Officer Joseph Laloyer said. “We can’t afford not to have a similar size replacement aircraft during our ATR’s maintenance, so we have leased an Air Tahiti plane for the duration.” Mr. Laloyer said the Air Tahiti aircraft and crew will operate Air Vanuatu’s usual domestic and regional (Suva and Noumea) flights from 06 November. “We wanted to ensure there would be no disruption to our passengers during the maintenance period and as such, began an extensive search for a replacement ATR several months ago.”

Mr. Laloyer said leasing an aircraft, particularly the very popular ATR72 model was extremely difficult and quite costly. “We have leased the Air Tahiti aircraft for longer than the expected maintenance period of our ATR to ensure there will be no disruption to our schedule. “Our aircraft will be serviced by Malaysian Airlines in Kuala Lumpur and is due back at the end of November,” he said.

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