Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ambrym volcano video reaches over 2.5 million clicks

“Descent into Hell” video uploaded onto Youtube of Geoffrey Mackley abseiling down into Mount Marum and Benbow on Ambrym is a hot favourite on Youtube videos reaching 2.5 million clicks and growing rapidly. The video has been screened so far at such a vast scale that no amount of money could buy, on 3  Youtube videos reaching 2.4 million +  views in a week, on Campbell Live  TV3  New Zealand, CH7 Australia, News .Com.Au   Australia , Red Bull TV, NBC Today Show  USA, Weather Channel  USA, Telemundo TV USA   (NBC in Spanish) , Efecto TV   Mexico, Las Noticias Ultimas  Chile National Newspaper, TV2 Norway, Daily Telegraph UK, Daily Mail UK, The Sun UK, BBC News UK, BBC Science (planning major volcano series), Discovery Channel, Korean Broadcasting System  KBS  Korean National TV, and more. Watch how Ambrym twin volcanoes become a playground for the most extreme adventure seekers unimaginable  on this planet. View video here