Wednesday, October 3, 2012

High-end market heads back to Vanuatu

Source Demand for luxury boutique resorts in Vanuatu is soaring, with smaller high-end properties maintaining 90 per cent occupancy since June this year. While mid-range accommodation seekers are still Vanuatu’s main segment of the market, Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) has reported a significant increase in high-end visitors to both Port Vila and Santo.
VTO General Manager Linda Kalpoi says Vanuatu is attracting more of these clients because they have the right product but hopes there will be more to offer visitors in the near future.

“This year, we’re really recapturing that luxury market again,” says Kalpoi. “More of these visitors are becoming aware that we have the right product to cater for them. We have properties that provide a very high level of service and they pay attention to their customers. We expect to attract more of these resorts to cater for the high demand.”
Kalpoi says those looking for a high level of service stay at The Havannah Vanuatu and Eratap Resort on Efate, while Ratua Island and Aore Resort are the properties of choice around Santo. She also reports high occupancy at White Grass Ocean Resort on Tanna.
The Havannah general manager Frederick Maclean says people are attracted to boutique resorts because there’s focus on service.

“With high-end boutique properties, it’s not so much about the view as it is about how it is managed,” he says. “By offering a highly personalised service it makes such a difference to the guest’s experience. For example, all of our staff are trained to know every guest by name and they know to address them by their first names at all times because, ultimately, the gold and marble don’t make the property, the people make the property.”