Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Notes for Wik Blong Vanuatu, 8-11 November 2012

The VTO is finalizing preparations for Wik Blong Vanuatu. The New Caledonian market continues to grow with an increase of 18% more visitors compared to last year from January to end July which is a result of the Vanuatu Tourism Office undertaking more marketing activities from the beginning of 2012. Some of these activities include: March - TOK TOK with the travel agents & wholesalers, May & June - 6  weeks competition to raise the awareness through Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes , Billboard and travel Magazines, July – inaugural presentation of Vanuatu at the Mine Site of Goro, and August – Roadshow, Vanuatu presentation at the Koniamboin mine site and at Hotel Kone including display of Vanuatu’s local food & dishes, cultural performances and artefacts.