Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vanuatu scores biggest % increase from NZ Market for August 2012

Media release, 3 October 2012:  The Vanuatu Tourism Office’s New Zealand representative, Ms Jacquie Carson, has shared with the head office in Port Vila exciting news on the stats received this week from the NZ Statistics Department which shows Vanuatu as having the biggest percentage increase on visitor numbers from New Zealand in the month of August for the South Pacific region. Vanuatu experienced a 15% increase on NZ Resident Visitor Numbers, followed by Cook Islands with 8% growth and Samoa with a 3.4% growth.  Fiji and New Caledonia experienced a decrease in visitors from NZ at -5% and -12.9% respectively.  This is a direct result on the on-going presence that Vanuatu has had in the New Zealand market this year, with the Vanuatu Tourism Office investing in six more tactical campaigns in the NZ market this year than in 2011. The Vanuatu Tourism Office has had two major campaigns in the NZ market in September for the low season travel until 31st March 2013. These strategies include advertising on Expedia which is a first online campaign for the VTO in New Zealand, complimented with a nationwide TV, Press and another online campaign with Harvey World Travel.  

Early results for September look very positive for low season travels. The Acting General Manager of the VTO, Mr Allan Kalfabun, says “We are hoping to keep the trend with forward bookings especially for travel during our Low Season Period. The achievement so far has been the results of our input with on-going consumer, online and tactical campaigns across all our major markets in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.”