Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Healthy lifestyle and pottery - VTO visits Wan Smol Bag

WSB Nutrition House's lively bunch pose for a group photo.
On Thursday 11th October 2012, staff of both Vanuatu Tourism Office and the Department, visited Wan Small Bag Nutrition House which ended with a nutritious meal and a brief stop-over at WSB’s pottery studio. Arriving at the diners, the group was met by Ms Emma Walker who spoke about the importance of a having a balanced diet and regular exercises to prevent NCD’s or non-communicable diseases. After the talk, the group was led to a table and was served with a healthy lunch and nutritious fruit juice by WSB youths. After lunch, a brief stop over at the new pottery studio which is planned to become an art & craft centre by 2013 to invite tourists and locals alike to marvel & buy a range of beautiful potteries that the youths make. The VTO thanks Wan Smol Bag Management for the invitation and especially congratulates Management for the support towards promoting community health, and building youth skills and talents that encourage creativity through opportunities such as pottery, film projects, and other youth activities and entertainment.