Thursday, November 22, 2012

Maskelyne Island Eco Tourism Association News

Maskelyne Island Eco Tourism Association have been working very hard and have achieved some really good results seeing number of visitors to this remote island this year increased. The association was established in 2010 involving grassroots community organised comprised of stakeholders and community leaders and customary landowners from four different villages in the island group.
They strongly enhance service delivery and promote Maskelyne as a great tourism destination. 

For more information on tours and accommodation please go to 

With the assistance of an Australian volunteer Ms Ebony Fieh ( AYAD Volunteer) the association have been able to produce brochures, t-shirts, post cards as source of promotional materials. 

TVET has  come in and conducted training for  the local tour guides this means tourist can purchase Maskelyne postcards during their stay on the islands.  

The Maskelyne Island Eco Tourism Association have also developed water safety training on look out for harmful sea creatures and  warn tourists to distance them from. Safety and tour checklist for tour guides are part of the training developments.

Ebony has  created a standard  3 Days  Canoe Tour itinerary for tourist wishing to visit. Menu consist of fresh seafood everyday. A giant clam garden at Gaspard Bay.