Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vanuatu Tourism 2013 Greetings!

Greetings everiwan!
We have all made it to 2013 and let’s acknowledge our good Lord for sparing our lives to this new year.  Our target for 2012 was to grow tourism arrivals by air at 10 percent but we have exceeded this target with a record year with an estimated 16 per cent growth equating to almost 19,000 arrivals and a total estimated record arrivals of 109,000. This growth level is higher than the global and regional average of around 4 percent.  Cruise ship passenger arrivals have also grown substantially by approximately 27 percent to almost 200,000 passenger arrivals.
We have greater plans for this year 2013 and our target this year is to grow tourist arrivals by 10% and to grow outer island visitation by 5% to bring the total outer island visitation to 25% of the total air arrivals. Our marketing efforts will continue to concentrate in our major markets, being Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia with some attention to Europe, USA and key markets in Asia.  We are awaiting confirmation of our total budget for this year from the Government after Parliaments sitting in March this year.  We anticipate to hold an industry presentation on VTO’s total marketing plan and activities for the year once Government have confirmed our 2013 budget.
Let’s get on board with the flow and make the most of what we can do to make a difference to Tourism Vanuatu 2013.  Showcase your operation with the Best you can do and provide the Best experience to our valued customers and you will see the Best return on investment to your businesses.
Let “DISCOVER WHAT MATTERS” be your theme this year and we will do what we can to lure more tourist to our beautiful shores.
Best wishes for the YEAR 2013 and May God Bless you and Tourism Vanuatu.
Yours in Tourism.
Linda and team.