Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vanuatu Tourism Office says Vanuatu is attracting even more International film crews

23 April, 2013: Vanuatu is attracting more overseas television crews and film production companies with Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) working with three more foreign TV companies to film in Vanuatu islands in the coming weeks.  Australian and New Zealand production companies are choosing Vanuatu for their travel programs, location shoots and film backdrops with the Australian travel and lifestyle TV program Eat, Play & Stay visiting Vanuatu in April. Weekend Today, Channel 9, one of Australia’s leading weekend shows will also be filming in May and the popular New Zealand travel program, Radar Across the Pacific, will be filming mid-May.  Australia’s Eat, Play & Stay is currently in Vanuatu to film a Vanuatu Special and promote the destination in Australia. The program will be broadcast in Australia on the free to air channel seven four "4ME' network and on Foxtel's Aurora Channel. Eat, Play & Stay film crew is also working with a selection of resorts, restaurants and tourist attractions to provide segments on a number of partner companies, and the material will also be featured on their website and throughout their various promotions.  The crew is visiting Port-Vila, Espiritu Santo and Tanna islands over a 12 days period.  

Following a successful shoot on Tanna in 2012, Channel 9’s weekend morning show Weekend Today, will be filming a diving special with presenter Cameron Williams at the beginning of May.  The filming will take place in Espiritu Santo and focus on the President Coolidge and further dive sites offered around the island.  The produced segment will promote Santo and diving to Australians. Lastly, New Zealand’s Radar Across the Pacific have arranged to visit Vanuatu from the 4-15 May, 2013 to uncover the "real" side of Vanuatu’s various island cultures, experience local customs and meet locals to learn about their lives, their culinary approaches and day to day lives. For this program the main islands that will be featured are Tanna, Pentecost and Efate. 

Linda Kalpoi, general manager at the VTO comments, “We are very pleased to announce more film crews choosing Vanuatu as their preferred destination. As more people come to film and experience all that Vanuatu has to offer, we see visitor numbers increase and more people falling in love with Vanuatu. “We are extremely proud of what we have achieved this year especially with the Australian Bureau of Statistics recording higher visitor number than last year in February, 2013. February is traditionally a low month for us, however this February Vanuatu was the only Pacific country to have growth in visitor numbers with Australian visitors and we are very excited that Vanuatu is attracting more travellers.  “Because of these great results, I acknowledge and congratulate our international VTO reps for their  proactive approach and speedy communication in securing these film crews.” added Ms Kalpoi. 

The Vanuatu Tourism Office takes this opportunity to thank the Government, in particularly the Department of Customs, the Department of Immigration, the Labor Department and the Quarantine Department for facilitating the administrative paperwork and filming permits. VTO also acknowledges the continuous support of our colleagues at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre, in particularly the Film & Audio Unit for the ongoing support and cooperation. Visit