Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eden on the River

By Sebastien Bador, VTO Events & Trade: Recently (26th April), the VTO attended the official launching of Vanuatu latest tourism product: Eden on the River. Allan Kalfabun, Marketing Manager, and  Sebastien Bador, Events & Trade Manager, went to Carolyn and Joe Ernst property at Rentabao. They were met and greeted by friendly and smily staff after a short drive off the main round the island road and through nice trees plantation. They joined just in time the inaugural "Bridges of Eden" tour, which conducted them down the cliff to the roaring Rentabao river. The tour guides briefed them on how to move from one suspended bridge to another one with the appropriate modern equipment before going on the tour. This one include the crossing of three suspended bridges over the river and between mighty trees, ending with a short zipline. Back on the shore and up to the venue, official speeches were done by Carolyn Ernst and the Hon. Moana Carcasses, Prime Minister. The coconut front cutting illustrated the official opening, and was officiated by the Prime Minister. A light and nice lunch made from organic and local produces was served to the guests. Sebastien Bador, Events Manager, went on a second tour named "Eden Farm Park". This one features Vanuatu wildlife like Pacific boa constrictor snakes, flying foxes, wild pigeons and green lizards. It also enable the visitors to approach closely farm animals. "This tour is a great opprtunity for urban kids to see for real what is a cow, a horse, a ship, a pig or even a duck. Most of our international visitors come from big cities such as Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland. Connections with the countryside have been lost for many of them, and they may not have the possibility to get close to farmyard animals. " said Sebastien. "And for those who have this chance there is our wildlife. Is there any better souvenir for a kid than a photo than showing him with a snake around his shoulders or a green lizard on the top of his head?" The Vanuatu Tourism Office thanks Mr & Mrs Ernst for expanding Vanuatu touristic activities offer, and wish Eden on the River a successful life.