Monday, September 2, 2013

Stan and the Earthforce to play at Fest Napuan 2013

Written By Mark Remedy Taiki: Many local bands have attempted to penetrate the regional market with their albums however only a few have managed to leave a lasting impact. “Stan & the Earthforce” successfully gained the public’s attention with their debut album “Easy Rock Steady” since its release in 2011. The bands work ethic has resulted in constant radio play, overcrowded shows, and a reggae award in New Caledonia. I recently sat down their lead singer Stan Antas to find out the driving force behind his music.
Unable to describe his methods of song writing, he regularly draws inspiration from Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, and a range of reggae artists from the 60’s and 70’s. His experience in live performances in Fiji, and cultural influences from his home in Malo has given his music a distinctive sound.  His team of musicians are from a range of islands- Futuna, Eromango, Makira, and Pentecost. The name “Earthforce” was derived from one of Bob Marley’s quote’s in which he says “Reggae music, rasta people carries earthforce”. Building on this momentum, the band is currently recording their second album in their home studio. I had the opportunity to listen to several un-mastered tracks recognising the progression in their newly evolving sound. The public will get the opportunity to listen to samples from their new album in this year’s Fest Napuan Festival (16th to the 20th of October).