Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vanuatu shows promising results in cruise tourism

Vanuatu tourism's cruise sector received positive preliminary results compared to neighboring destinations according to latest Vanuatu Cruise Survey that was funded by the European Union and facilitated by the South Pacific Tourism Organization.The surveys, ongoing, were conducted in Port Vila and Mystery Island by staff members of the VTO and the Department of Tourism. Australia had the highest number of cruise visitors with 90 percent of passengers arriving from Queensland (40% Australians), Sydney and NSW (32% Australians), Victoria (16% Australian), and South Australia (5%) and other countries making it up to 7 percent, 2nd being cruise tourists from New Zealand.
Results showed that 63 percent of passengers interviewed had been to Vanuatu before, and were returning for their 2nd holiday by cruise, and 81% were satisfied and want to return for longer stays.  Shore excursions showed that 44% of all passengers booked tours on arrival and 70% had pre- booked prior to arriving in Port Vila adding to the local revenue which at USD112 on average, per passenger, and other expenses including food and beverage, duty free and souvenir shopping, taxis and bus fares was estimated to be approximately USD138.
50% of passengers interviewed said that their holiday in Vanuatu was too short and would have liked for longer stays and 69% will be recommending Vanuatu as a destination to their friends and relatives.  “The analysis and results put Vanuatu at a very good spot, so far, indicating a good increase of visitor arrivals within the next few years” advised Mr Lennox Vuti who presented on these findings on Wednesday 25th September (last week). The VTO would like to thank European Union for funding the regional Cruise Tourism development project which Vanuatu is part of, thanks to the South Pacific Tourism Organization for facilitating the survey, and lastly colleagues at the Department of Tourism for their ongoing support and implementation of such projects which will foresee growth in the cruise tourism sector.