Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Marketing heads meet to formulate regional plan

October 15, 2013: 14 Heads of Marketing representatives from National Tourism Offices
in the Pacific meet in a Regional Tourism Marketing Workshop today, Tuesday 15th
October, at the TATTE Samoa Conventional Centre in Apia, Samoa. Mr Allan Kalfabun VTO Marketing Manager, attended the workshop, which focuses to facilitate the contribution and discussion of ideas, suggestions and recommendation of programs and activities that will result in the drafting of a regional marketing plan. 
This plan will be formulated to address the needs of each South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) member state. The key outcome of this workshop will be the development of a draft 2014 SPTO Marketing Plan that will be presented to the SPTO Board of Directors for their consideration during their meeting on Thursday 17th October at the same venue in Apia, Samoa. According to SPTO Chief Executive Officer Ilisoni Vuidreketi, the Heads of Marketing from each NTO play a vital role in ensuring that the interests of their respective destination continue to be at the forefront of the organisation’s agenda. “Against this background, the workshop will focus on how the SPTO, through its role as the mandated regional tourism marketing body, can segment national marketing priorities into blocs of regional focus areas,” he said. He added that equally important will be the need to ensure that participants benefit through strengthened knowledge and understanding of the future of travel and tourism and how they can better position their destinations to cater to the new types of travelers whilst continuing to adequately address the needs of their traditional markets. Mr Vuidreketi urged all participants at the meeting to take full advantage of the opportunity and contribute as much as they can to the deliberations so that all concerns and interest are adequately addressed in the plan. The meet is a full day affair followed by a series of meetings including the SPTO Board of Director’s meeting on Thursday and the Council of Minister’s meeting on Friday. For more details, please contact: Marketing Manager Petero Manufolau on 7294845 or email: