Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ni-Vanuatu Trainee Chefs open the Origin Culinary Arts & Hospitality Show!

Student and Sarah Kymbrekos, President of the Vanuatu Chefs and Food Handlers Assn at the 2012 Salon Culinare.
16th Oct. for immediate release: There is amazing local talent hiding in the kitchens of Vanuatu, and they will be the opening feature of their industry’s event of the year. APTC and INTV are training a diverse mix of students, and are excited about having their students competing on the opening day of the Origin Culinary Arts & Hospitality Show.  Aaron Dixon, Cookery Trainer of APTC says “It is important for the students to have a positive introduction into the world of competitive cookery, and be inspired to take on further challenges ensuring the future of the culinary scene in Vanuatu will continue to prosper.” 
Ni-Vanuatu youth are seeing the benefit of training as Chefs so that they can work in the growing number of tourism businesses across the country and to dream about opening their own restaurant one day. The APTC and INTV students will be competing in the new competition class of Student of the Year where they will debone a whole chicken, then prepare a main meal with mystery ingredients, a bit like Master Chef, Vanuatu. There are twenty four students from across Vanuatu’s islands competing over the course of the day from 8.00am at the Beachfront between Chantilly’s and Mooring’s.

President of the Vanuatu Chefs and Food Handlers Association says that the Association is proud to be supporting the next generation of local chefs by providing them some competition experience here in their own backyard, and that we are excited about the range of cooking and culinary experiences that are on offer next week.

The event is free for the public to come and watch and see what is going on throughout the week.

If anyone would like further information please e-mail or call 27079 and ask for the Chefs Association Duty Officer. Or visit the website or Facebook.


The Vanuatu Chefs and Food Handlers Association began in 2005, this is the 9th show to promote NiVanuatu Chefs and recognize their achievements. Members of the Association pay a small membership fee that qualifies them to enter the competition. The Origin Culinary Arts & Hospitality Show is also the avenue for selecting the National Vanuatu Chefs team – selected from Chefs  who compete over three events to gain points towards winning the Senior Chef of the Year and the Junior Chef of the Year.

The VCFHA is a charitable organization run by the Hospitality industry on a voluntary basis. We are proud of the growth and prestige of the competition and the fantastic skill being shown by our local NiVanuatu Chefs and Hospitality Staff.


Contact info
Mereana Mills
VCFHAssociation Salon Culinaire Organizing committee
Phone: 5699945