Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nothing beats a day with Atmosphere Tour

By Charlie Sikal, media student attachee: Warriors disperse in their hiding location and as the breeze gently brushes your face, you quickly pick up a whiff of smoke in the bush from the fires that are lit in the gardens. At a distance we start to see warriors stand their guard with bows and arrows as they come towards us. It’s a scary feeling, and reminds me of the ancient days stories that our village elders used to tell us when I was growing up, stories of their ancestory tribal wars and the likes, they looked fearsome. The guests and I remained standing at the village entrance, observing what was to happen next when suddenly a conch shell was blown nearby and the village chief welcomed us to his nasara or village.
There we we listened to tales of the past, watch custom dances, and the spectacular fire walkers tread on hot stones with such ease and no sign of scotching pain from the fire, simply unbelievable! That all happened at Iarofa cultural village. We also visited Eton Kindergarden School, and were greeted by the biggest smiles ever from the kids at the school followed by a drive through Eton village, then onto the beautiful blue lagoon. We were blessed with stunning weather and yummy tropical fresh fruits made the guests not want to leave on time, eventually we did and when we arrived at Takara, we were all treated with a delicious lunch buffet at the Beachcomber Lodge. Beachcomber had an indoor thermal swimming pool fed by the natural hot springs surrounding the area, and the panoramic view looking out to Moso island was breathtaking. Our tour guide for the day was Frazer, and he was professional, friendly and a bubble to have around and with us on tour. Frazer told us interesting stories of certain places when we arrived in the area, from historical relics and the very popular WW2 coca cola bottle shop, to world heritage burial sites, to beaches where the famous TV show “Survivor” was filmed. There was plenty of exciting information to keep us entertained during the round island trip. Then later in the afternoon, a big bright orange sun danced in our eyes one last time before setting for a new day at Gideon’s, along havanah bay in north Efate. There we relaxed over an  afternoon cup of coffee before dropping off the guests at their hotels.  I’ll remember this trip.

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