Monday, October 21, 2013 supports Miss Vanuatu in Korea

Valerie Martinez, the reigning Miss Vanuatu, is now in Korea representing our country in the Miss Asia Pacific World. Ltd is very proud to be able to sponsor and support Valerie and Vanuatu in this contest. John Dow of handed over our sponsorship money of over 400,000vt to Valerie on the day before her and chaperone, Beverly Stafford, departed for Seoul. John Dow said that, “ wishes Valerie success in this competition and the upcoming Miss South Pacific. The company is betting that they are on a winner with Valerie.” He went on to say that are committed to adding it’s support to the Miss Vanuatu pageant in 2014 and is looking forward to it’s participation as a major sponsor of the event. Right photo: Photo above John Dow of and Valerie Martinez, Miss Vanuatu