Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Real Pasifik likely to elevate standard of Salon Culinaire competition even higher

Robert Oliver and Zoomslide, the New Zealand production company responsible for bringing new food television series Real Pasifik to the world, are heading back to the Iririki Resort in Vanuatu to be part of the esteemed Salon Culinaire competition.
If you've not yet heard of Real Pasifik, you soon will - it's a food show with a difference and it was filmed right here in our backyard.  In the first series, Real Pasifik travels to six different countries across the Pacific, including Vanuatu, where esteemed chef Robert Oliver and local ambassador chefs set about creating supply relationships between resorts and local growers.  The series showcases unique traditional cuisine from across the Pacific and works with local hotels and resorts to include more of it on their menus.   So far the series has only screened in the makers' home country of New Zealand, where it has been praised by media and regular viewers alike for bringing the food and soul of the South Pacific to life.  

Dates for airing Real Pasifik within Vanuatu are yet to be confirmed, but we'll likely see it on our screens within the next few months. Real Pasifik is being distributed to the rest of the world by All3 Media and is set to screen in over 70 countries across the globe over the coming months, providing all of the South Pacific with invaluable media and consumer attention.

During filming, the base for the Vanuatu episode was located in the Iririki Resort which provided a brilliant showcase to the high standards of accommodation available to tourists in Vanuatu.  Series Director, Anna Marbrook enthuses "the location couldn't have been more perfect, with the fabulous facilities of the Iririki Resort and being just the across the way from the brilliant Port Vila Markets, we couldn't go wrong!"  During their stay earlier this year Robert and the Zoomslide team were also amazed with the bounty of food this country offers and the traditional, rustic cooking techniques used to conjour up delicious and incredibly unique fare.  In fact, Robert Oliver himself described Melanesian food as "gorgeous, rustic soul food which is cooked from the heart".  Says Robert; "the people from Vanuatu are very connected to their roots and it's amazing to see how they can so easily innovate from within their own culture.  This makes for incredibly exciting culinary fare".

So it's with a real sense of anticipation that the country awaits the Salon Culinaire competition. The competition sees participants from Vanuatu and other south pacific countries compete over five days from 21 to 25 October in Port Vila.  The competition has a history of motivating young chefs to step up their game to higher and higher levels.  This combined with the increased motivation and passion that Robert Oliver ignited within the chefs during the filming of Real Pasifik, will help to ensure that chefs are competing at their highest levels.  This competition is sure to be a sizzler.