Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An opportunity to promote your festival for 2014!

Dear Festival colleague,
Each year to celebrate the New Year, KadmusArts features some of the year's best festival photographs from around the world.
Our "Festival Year in Review" is posted on video channels, social networks, and on KadmusArts.com. The holiday greeting is also sent to festival, press and industry colleagues in 155 countries. Over 3 million users will see the "Festival Year in Review" video.
The "Festival Year in Review" also features great music. Check-out last year's amazing images and music by Zeb and Haniya.
If you have great photos from a festival, please submit up to 3 photos to be considered in our selection process. So, choose your best! The deadline is November 21, 2013, 4:00pm EST.  
Photographs should be at least 1024x768 in size or 1 megapixel. Please include all relevant festival information so that we can properly credit the event and the photographer. (If you have any questions about formatting, don’t hesitate to let me know.)
KadmusArts.com is the most popular and comprehensive online connection to every kind of live event festival.  Every day festival producers and promoters, artists and bands, audiences and fans add to the site.  
This year has been amazing at KadmusArts with our acquisition by Festival Transaction Services, the industry leader. We are working with FTS to create an even better festival platform and provide new ways to help promote, serve, and connect festivals and audiences around the world. 
KadmusArts.com hosts daily culture and entertainment news; artist and festival feature articles, videos, photos, and podcast interviews; blogs on global entertainment stories and festival food; live performance ticket give-ways and offers; Facebook forum for community and festival postings, events, and jobs; and, up-to-minute Twitter feeds from festivals all over the world. 
Our mission is to help connect festivals, artists and audiences to travel, to discover and to create. 
Don't miss out on being included! 
Look forward to seeing your photos!
Sincerely yours,
Ann Jareckie
Ann Jareckie
Administration and Research Coordinator
Tel: (01) 802.442.3901
Email:  annj@kadmusarts.com
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