Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And the Winner is….Florence Tari from Chantilly’s the 2013 Barista Champion

Barista 2013 Champion, Ms Florence Tari.
Press release Monday October 28 2013: It was exciting having the 5th edition of Barista championship 2013 in Port Vila during the Salon Culinaire last week.  Every year the best coffee makers of Vanuatu from all the resorts, restaurants and cafés compete to demonstrate their coffee techniques and creativity.   Thirty confirmed baristas registered for the 2013 Vanuatu International Barista Championship.  This year, the competition was particularly difficult as it followed the World Barista Championship (WBC) rules and each competitor had to pour four espresso coffees , four  cappuccino coffees and four signature coffees in fifteen minutes.  Two international judges, Rob Forsyth from Australia and Alla Heat from New Zealand flew in to supervise the event.  These two head judges assisted more than 50 local volunteer sensory and technical judges to taste and evaluate coffees served. 
Over 360 coffees have been tasted during the 2 days competition.  Robert and Alla were surprised with the number of participants and the progress made within few years.   “We can really see the growing interest from the local baristas but also the general awareness amongst public and restaurant owners .” The international judges concluded the competition by organizing  a master class for the participants to share some of their tips and international knowledge.

International judges were also delighted with the number of signature coffees using Vanuatu’s favourite fruit: coconut.  This is how Florence Tari managed to win the competition.   She first poured four amazing espressos with great crema and flavor, then served four cappuccinos with a perfect white foam and great balance between buttery milk and coffee taste, and then created an “iced coconut coffee drink served in a coconut shell”, a perfect balance of coconut sweetness and coffee boldness.

As all the baristas were competing with the same BOEMA coffee machine, kindly supplied by Tanna Coffee and the same coffee bean Vittoria Oro, supplied by Vila Distribution, any differences could only be from their own ability to master coffee extraction, milk frothing, creativity and speed.

The organisers of the event wish to acknowledge the help and strong support of the Vanuatu Hotel & Resort Association (VHRA) and the Australia-Pacific Technical College (APTC).   

The Top Five competitors were:
Florence Tari from Chantilly’s
Florence Thomas from the Holiday Inn
Presilla Marau from Benjor Beach Resort
Lorenza Tabiousu from Au Peche Mignon
Mansen Silas from Chantilly’s

Congratulations to all the competitors and especially to the winners!!