Monday, December 9, 2013

Maketi Ples 2014 EOI Call Out to all Artists

If you are not a creator
You may know an artist, an artisan or an organisation who would welcome this information.  Please feel free to forward this document and attached Expression of Interest form to anyone who you believe has the capacity to participate in this opportunity.
If you are a creator
You are invited to apply by completing the attached Expression of Interest which will be reviewed by a 4 person curatorial panel to exhibit in Maketi Ples 2014.  If your application is successful, you will be required to fund your participation to attend the promotional event for a minimum of one week.  
What is "Maketi Ples" Where is it? When is it?
Maketi Ples is an Art and Artisan exhibition held over a two week period in a commercial gallery in Sydney.  Maketi Ples through decisive strategies managed by Pacific Islands Trade and Invest promotes the work of Pacific Islands based artists and artisans directly to Australian consumers, designers, retailers, importers and the Australian media.

Building upon the successes of the previous three Maketi Ples art exhibitions, Pacific Islands Trade & Invest is pleased to announce that Maketi Ples will return as the Creative Art’s keystone event in 2014. The exhibition period will be from 3rd to 16th February 2014 with the opening preview on Wednesday 5th February 2014.

2014, Maketi Ples relocates to a new home at 162 Queen Street, Woollahra - Shapiro Gallery ( We envisage that Shapiro Gallery will provide an alternative space for Maketi Ples exhibitors to broaden their exposure, experience and clientele.  There are three elegant gallery spaces that present the works in a new way and at the same time, provide a high level of exposure to Sydney siders.  Queen Street is Sydney’s premier centre for fine art and antiques.

As we move to relocate and reposition the Pacific Islands creative products into this esteemed market, there is one glitch - entry to Maketi Ples 2014 will be extremely highly competitive due to limited space.  To be in the group exhibition at Shapiro Gallery in February 2014, ensure that the information you provide in your EOI tells your story in the best light - no second chances.

How do you participate?
Participation criteria:
•   You must be an artist, artisan or a group of artisans living and creating in the 14 Forum Island Countries (excluding Australia and New Zealand).
•   Have a proven sales history of your creations/artwork (in the domestic, regional or international market)
•   Have a product or products that have potential saleability in the international market

If the above criteria applies to you, all you need to do is complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form (handwritten applications are fine), don’t forget to attach additional information, such as images and return the EOI form to the Creative Arts manager, Ruth Choulai before the closing date – 5pm AEST 17th December 2013.  Refer to Ruth Choulai’ s contact details below.

All applicants will be notified of the final list of applications as determined by the Curatorial Panel within two days after closing deadline.

What PT&I offers you as an exhibitor of Maketi Ples and what successful applications have to do

Refer to the Expression of Interest form and go to the Terms and Conditions section for details.
It is expected that Maketi Ples will deliver:
To the exhibitor :
•   Direct sales less gallery commission
•   insight into Australian consumer purchasing habits
•   direct feedback from the consumer market
•   opportunity to engage with potential importers, designers and other commercial opportunities
•   engage with other creators from PIC’s

Some products that we are seeking : 
•   carved wooden  products – contemporary and traditional art works
•   contemporary fine art - paintings and 3D works (including fibre or metal works)
•   woven items – mats, bags, headwear, hand fans, baskets, trays
•   jewellery - body or hair adornments
•   textiles – barkcloth, tivaevae, hand printed fabric,
•   home-wares – wall hangings, tables, foot stools, light fittings
•   ceramics - contemporary or traditional,

If you have any enquires about the application process, or if you are interested in being a partner or becoming a sponsor of Maketi Ples, please contact the Creative Arts Manager, Ruth Choulai:

Email : 
Phone :   (612) 9290 2133
Fax :    (612) 9299 2151
 If you would like more information about how we assist Pacific Island businesses, please visit our website,