Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ministry allows Turkish visitors in without visa

Caption: L-r:  VTO Marketing Manager Allan Kalfabun, Vanuatu’s Honourary Consul to Turkey Mehmet Atar and a secretary to the Turkish Airline’s CEO     
By Len Garae, Daily Post published on 8th January 2014: Vanuatu has opened a new page with the Republic of Turkey in tourism, now that the biggest stumbling block has been removed to allow Turkish visitors into the country without any visa requirement.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade has assured the Turkish Embassy in Canberra that in line with the current Immigration Act, Turkish citizens do not need a visa to enter the country as tourists. The Ministry said it will inform the Embassy of any future changes.  
The Ministry issued the assurance after Vanuatu’s Honourary Consul to Turkey, Mehmet Atar requested Vanuatu Tourism Office Marketing Manager Allan Kalfabun during a Vanuatu delegation visit to Istanbul last November, to enquire with Foreign Affairs how to cater for potential arrivals from Turkey. Atar said the challenge was visa requirement. The VTO Marketing Manger has welcomed the positive gesture from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to allow Turkish tourists to visit without visa.